and then a few months pass

I’m really bad at actually keeping up with blogging. I wasn’t exercising or eating properly so I didn’t feel the need to actually make posts. However, once I reached my all-time high weight I decided enough is enough.

On Monday, August 15, I decided to begin the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. I’ve done it before a few years ago and without exercise I managed to lose about 10 pounds–I didn’t even finish the program due to a vacation trip right in the middle of it. However, So far, this week I have already worked out four times and it’s only Friday. I have two more days that I can get in if I so choose and I’ve been counting calories on the FitBit app. I printed out the guidelines for the 24-Day Challenge along with a meal planning template that will help me manage what I want to eat in any given week. Visualizing what I want versus just mindlessly eating everything in sight is helping out a lot. I’ve had a lot more focus and stamina.

I also signed up for ClassPass, which I can’t wait for. I hope I actually go to these classes instead of just having fun looking through and signing up for everything and then canceling at the last second because I don’t feel up to it. Right now I’m signed up for two classes: Aromatherapy + Yoga as well as a Burlesque Dance class! I’m more excited for the second, but yeah. Both sound great. Also, when I work up more confidence and stamina, I’m going to do a Pole Dancing class. Awwwww, yeah.

Here’s my little check in to prove I’m still alive (to myself, since no one reads this I don’t think). I can’t wait to lose enough weight where all I do are bikini cosplays. One sweet day.